Saturday, October 16, 2010

My First Ever Feature!

One of the things I wanted to do when I created this blog was to promote fellow Etsy sellers who have items I absolutely love.  I've been meaning to write this out for about a week now, so I'm finally sitting down and putting my fingers to the keys.  So, who's going to be my first featured Etsy shop?  There are so many choices but I was finally able to pick one...

Classy and Sassy Charms

Cris makes absolutely gorgeous two-sided glass pendants that are all hand soldered.  Some are sweet and some are absolutely hilarious, hence the shop name.  I have bought three pendants from her in two different designs and the pictures don't do them justice!  The Fight Like A Girl pendant is one I bought for my business partner because she has a hoodie and a shirt with the same phrase.  Our annual Women's Expo here in Lansing has a big display every year and we always get at least one piece..but they definitely don't have anything quite like this!

Even though I bought it for my partner, I stole it and wore it just yesterday for my company's "Pink Out" day but that's a whole other story!  I received so many complements on this pendant all day and I told everyone exactly where I bought it and that they should do the same!  This is the back side of the same pendant.  She has many different varieties of pendants for Breast Cancer Awareness month, so you can show your support whether it be because it's for an important cause, or because you're fighting in support of your best friend, mother or daughter. 

And of course, I couldn't just leave this post without showcasing one of Classy and Sassy Charms' "sassy" creations.  There is something about this woman's pose that just tells me that no one would want to mess with her.  I love the fact that this picture is a classic, timeless photograph.  It's one of the things that attracted me to it the very first time I saw it.  Then there's the back side of it, which is what really brings forth the sassiness.

 This phrase - I really don't know where to begin.  I've seen it many, many times but paired with the above's absolutely perfect.  I have two copies of this one, both will be given away as Christmas presents to people in my life that I know will find it as funny as I do.  One especially, because I've heard her say this exact thing many many times in my lifetime.  I almost don't want to wait until Christmas because I'm so excited about them that I want to give them away right now! :) At least they don't live right near me so I'd have to mail them if I wanted to send them off early.  That helps...except by then I might want to keep them!

Cris has so many other options - ones especially made for holidays, Pride and Prejudice can even have one custom made with the photos of your choice!  There's absolutely nothing she can't turn into a gorgeous one of a kind glass pendant for you!  Just so you're aware - all of her charms come with a free ball chain so it's ready to wear the minute it arrives.  To make it even sweeter, she's currently running TWO great specials that I don't think ANYONE could pass up!  She's very close to making 100 sales, so to get her there she's offering her pendants for $10 dollars (normally $12) with free shipping!  OR, if you're interested in her Halloween charms, they're Buy One Get One Free!  You just need to put in the message to seller which one of these great deals you're interested in and she will hook you up!

I hope you've enjoyed the feature and go lavish Classy and Sassy Charms with hearts and sales!

Until next time,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's A Chilly Saturday...

It's probably the coldest day we've had since spring finally came to Michigan!  We're in the low 50's right now, which has me reaching for a blanket while I sit in a recliner watching football.  Kelly is a 4th generation Michigan State University graduate, who also happened to march in their band.  This means that Saturdays are pretty much scheduled for football from the beginning of September on.  I've gotten sucked into the madness over the years and now I can definitely call myself a fan of this crazy game.

That doesn't mean that I'm not spending my weekend doing nothing but watching games though!  We've recently added many new items to our shop, including a beautiful Black Lampwork Necklace and Earring Set and a Tiger Eye Bracelet.  We're also running a couple promotions just to try something a little different.  So if you've ever been interested in our shop or have thought about requesting a custom order, now may be the time!  I'll list our promotions below, and remember we're only an email or conversation away!  See you soon!


If anyone spends $10 or more in our shop, you'll get a free pair of earrings. $15 or more gets you the earrings plus free shipping and $25 or more gets the other two AND a moss rose beaded hair clip in 1 or 2 colors of your choice. (a $10 value on its own!) Let us know you saw this ad by typing in "TCC Promo" in the message to seller!

Plus, the next THIRTEEN purchases will be put into a drawing for one of THREE prizes!

1st Prize - Free Chainmaille Bracelet  ($20 value)
2nd Prize - Free Pea Pod SET (earrings and necklace) ($15 value)
3rd Prize - Free Pea Pod pendant ($10 value)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Meaningful Gifts BNR - an Etsy promotions thread

 Recently one of my Etsy buddies invited me to join her in a thread I hadn't checked out before.  It was to help her out in a contest but it only took me a few minutes before I was hooked.  I even decided to buy in to it on my iPhone because I didn't want to wait until Sunday when I'd have Internet access!  It was a pain to try to get it working when the cell towers were sporadic through the woods but I got it done!  Since then I've had two sales from that thread and I can't seem to get enough of it!  For all of you who enjoy participating in BNR threads, I honestly hope you'll check it out and tell everyone we referred you!  Here's the link:  More Meaningful Gifts BNR

And for those who haven't heard of BNRs or know what they are - I'll give you a quick rundown based on what I've learned since I started frequenting the forums.  BNR stands for "Buy & Replace," and they are true to their word!  When you "buy in" by purchasing something from one of the shops listed, you will then take their place in the listings.  If you purchase from several shops, you can get a X2, X3, etc after your name which means you won't actually be replaced until you're bought from that many times, although the shops that purchase from you will be added to the list as well.  They're a lot of fun and a great way to meet people and share your listings as well as find shops you haven't seen before!

Don't be afraid to contact me if you have any other questions, ever!  I'd love to share the things I've learned with others!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Being Famous

So tonight we are going to be promoted in the 30 Minutes of FAME promotions thread on Etsy.  It is a thread that most of the time is like most of the promotions threads - we chat, share our new listings, treasuries, etc.  But there are times when one shop and one shop only is promoted for a straight 30 minutes in hopes that the shop will walk away with some sales.  That shop normally gives some kind of deal for that timeframe too, and we are no exception!

For all of you out there who would like to attend, here are all the details you'll need.  Hope to see you there!!

30 minutes of FAME!!!
Sunday September 5th at 8:00pm (etsy time)
Visit, Chat, Buy, Sell.....You could be next!
Famous Shop:

1. Free Shipping (domestic and international) on all jewelry and wearable beaded flowers!
2. 15% off all beaded flower home decor!

PLUS:  All purchases of $10 or more will receive a free pair of earrings!

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Very First Blog Post!

Hello everyone! I've been procrastinating on starting this blog for awhile, mainly because I couldn't think of anything to say. Now, I STILL can't think of anything to say but I've decided that I'm going to bite the proverbial bullet and start typing anyway. This is very stream-of-consciousness writing - whatever I'm thinking, it's going onto the page. We'll see how this goes!

I'll start with an introduction for those of you who are wondering who on Earth is at the helm. My name is Angela and I am one-half of the duo that makes the items you see at . To be honest, I don't even make up half of the items you see there - I make the beaded flower arrangements and accessories only. But I DO take all of the pictures and do many of the descriptions of the items you see so I guess that makes up for my lack of item-making talent! My partner, Kelly, is the creative mind behind all of the wonderful jewelry you see on the site. She's always coming up with something new to try and it's nearly impossible to keep up with her once she has something in her head! I absolutely love taking the pictures and promoting us in the forums; I honestly believe that's where I'm most useful as far as the business is concerned. I've met a lot of wonderful people on Etsy, that's for certain!

This blog won't always be about the business, sometimes it will be about current events or just random tidbits about life here in the capitol of Michigan. Like right now, football season is about to begin and you can practically feel the excitement. Michigan State University is just a few miles from our house and you better believe Saturday is going to be a HUGE day in the area. The first home football game is always an experience, especially when you live with an alum with season tickets! I get to watch all of the family's dogs while they go to the game...but this means I get to watch it on TV with no worries about the weather, which works for me! :)

I hope you all will enjoy this blog and will like hearing our stories, seeing our new items, and checking out my fellow Etsians shops that I will feature as often as I can! Please follow the blog and keep checking back for more fun!

Until then,